Figurative fine art sculpture designs in bronze and silver to celebrate your love and family

The adventure began ten years ago with the first rustic pair of bronze figurines. Since then, the processes, the shaping of the figures, the finishes, and the various sizes have evolved into the loving couples and bronze family portraits I'm known for today. This art is represented nationwide in Boulder, Aspen, and Santa Fe, and abroad in Copenhagen, Scandinavia, Germany and the UK. They can be found in fine galleries such as Smith Klein, Rangewest, Elysee Fine Art, and many reputable online destinations.

Bronze is a wonderful metal! It feels substantial in the hand and polishes to a warm wholesome luster that helps to carry the themes of romantic love, strength, and commitment.

These original designs were created in clay and wax. A mold is taken from the clay original, and then the wax is reworked, Larger works are shell cast. The miniature bronzes are small enough to be investment cast; the same way that silver jewelry is made.

I receive the raw bronze figures in various sizes from the caster, then finish the metal work and apply the patina in my Santa Fe studio. Afterward, I assemble the couples and families by mounting them on sculpture bases of natural travertine stone or onyx which is locally sourced in New Mexico. The stone bases are cut and polished; often retaining rough veins of crystalline and earthy texture. In this setting, the smooth bronze surfaces appear all the more sumptuous!

My buyers have also placed them on fireplace mantels and hearths, on found stones in gardens, on tabletops, windowsills, on the edges of flower pots, and many other places limited only by the imagination. They grab attention just about anywhere they appear in the home decor!

The future promises continued evolution and new adventures! I'm currently applying 3D design techniques to a few of my metal art works, and am gradually expanding my palette of metals to include sterling silver and others. I've also received a recent commission to explore much larger, nearly life-size figures. In addition to the trademark bronze sculptures, I'm now working with new forms such as birds nests, bowls, wearable infinity pendants, and wherever else the heart may lead! Please stay in touch by adding my shop to your favorites list and visit me now and then to watch how things develop!

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